EDmarket Hosts A New Model in School Food Service

EDspaces attendees will enjoy sustainable school-style lunches on November 3 and 4, while taking a break from exhibits and education on the tradeshow floor. Menus designed by Chef Greg Christian, president of Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners, working in conjunction with the food service staff at the Duke Energy Convention Center to deliver a unique experiential learning opportunity luncheon. This special exhibit/luncheon area will be Sponsored by AmTab, and is the first of its kind offered at EDspaces.

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A Special EDsession
Envisioning the Future of School Food

Billions are being spent each year on education facilities for things like new computers and renovations, but often the area of food service is an afterthought. We live in a time where many public schools provide free and reduced meals for students in need, often filling the gaps for meals their families cannot provide. Too much cafeteria food is unappealing, does not taste good and is thrown away each day.

Chef Greg Christian: Sustainable Good Food

A team of highly specialized professionals has assembled to create a school-themed cafeteria luncheon featuring organic, sustainable and locally-sourced food that will be served to attendees and exhibitors from a scratch-cook kitchen onsite, in the EDspaces exhibit hall during the conference.

The team includes Beyond Green and partners (Candacity, Denver Equipment Company, and Foodservice Facility Designs by LMS Development llc.) and is energized about making the concept of highly nutritious, low-cost, easily prepared meals to the most important part of the nation’s future: children.

An EDspaces Special Presentation: Envisioning the Future of School Food

EDspaces is focusing on bringing together the continuum of professionals to enhance student learning through a variety of ways including the cafeteria. This includes the role of nutrition and how to serve menus that children will eat with local sources at a budget that meets challenges at a district level.

Special EDsession: Envisioning the Future of School Food

  • Wednesday & ThursdayNovember 2 & 3
3:00 PM –
4:30 PM

Envisioning the Future of School Food